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The difference between purchasing a used car privately, at a dealership, and from VIDrives.

Buying a vehicle is a huge investment for anybody, so it’s important to find a seller that you can trust. If you’re looking for a used vehicle- you can choose to buy a vehicle from a dealership, a private seller, or online from VIDrives.
Choosing a private seller can save you some money on your purchase, but there’s no security in your new vehicle, On the other hand dealerships can be a scary, high pressure environment- that’s why VIDrives mission is to offer you the security of a car dealership- with the better value and freedom that comes with buying privately. Below- we’ll list 7 ways we make this happen.

VIDrives vs Traditional Dealerships Comparison Chart
A quick look at the difference between purchasing with ViDrives, Privately, and from a traditional Dealership.

1. Warranty

One thing a private seller can’t offer you is a vehicle warranty, if you’re lucky the vehicle may be new enough to have some remaining factory warranty- but this isn’t always transferrable. VIDrives offers warranty options on every vehicle we sell, and have many in stock with factory warranty included. For more information on the benefits of extended warranty options, check out this helpful guide: The benefits of purchasing a vehicle extended warranty.

2. Peace of Mind

How can you enjoy a road trip when you’re worried about breakdowns and expensive repairs?

When you buy a vehicle from VIDrives, you know the vehicle is going to meet safety standards and not have any hidden defects. All of our vehicles go through a comprehensive 151 point inspection and are repaired if necessary, with an included Carfax report so you can see the vehicle’s history and condition for yourself, even if you’re not a mechanic. If you buy privately, there’s nobody holding the seller accountable for quality standards, and no protection for you even if it breaks down in the first week.

3. Better Price


Generally speaking you may be able to find the same vehicle slightly cheaper from a private seller- because dealerships have more overhead costs that they need to cover, so they’ll need to make a higher profit than a private seller would. VIDrives is an online based business- which helps us to keep overhead costs low, and our prices fair which helps you get a better deal than you would at a traditional car dealership.

4. Financial Flexibility

payment schedule image

If you’re buying from a private seller, you’ll usually need to pay the full value of the vehicle up front, if you don’t want to lose your hard earned savings to buy a vehicle privately, or don’t have that kind of cash- you’d have to secure a loan from a third party, often at a high interest rate. VIDrives specializes in financing for any credit situation. We work with over 30 lender partners, and have access to the same subvented rates that many dealers boast, so that we can get our customers the lowest possible interest rate, and affordable payments to make sure your deal works for you.

VIDrives also offers a Lifetime Oil Change Program which means you won’t pay for an oil change while you own your vehicle. This is an optional extra so make sure to ask your financial specialist for details.

For a more detailed look at credit and financing section of our blog.

5. More Options

Illusion of Choice
Many options can be deceptive when the majority are inaccessible and the remainder may be unappealling

Private sellers usually only have 1 vehicle available for sale, so when you’re shopping you may have to meet up with countless strangers, only to be disappointed in the vehicle or find that the seller makes you feel uncomfortable.

Where many dealerships offer the illusion of choice. When you drive into a dealership you’re often overwhelmed by the number of vehicles, and spend time looking at each one until you find one you just have to have! The only problem is that many of these choices aren’t real. The vehicle might be sold, out of your budget, doesn’t work for your lifestyle, or worst of all 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘤𝘢𝘯’𝘵 𝘨𝘦𝘵 𝘢𝘱𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘥.

VIDrives offers real choices, That’s why start with a questionnaire to find out your budget, and what types of vehicles you’re actually interested in, then present you with options that already work for you, and expand from there.

6. Trade-In Options

Another advantage of buying a pre-owned vehicle from VIDrives is that we offer the ability to trade-in your vehicle- which helps to lower the costs of your new vehicle, in BC you’ll only pay tax on the difference in value from your trade-in and the new vehicle. If you’re buying from a private seller, you’ll likely need to sell your vehicle before buying a new one, this can take time and leave you without transportation for weeks.

This can also present more obstacles for those who are still paying off their current vehicle with the difficulty of contacting lenders and dealerships to find out just how much you owe- and when things like negative equity come into play.

7. Transparency

Dealerships are notorious for hidden fees and evasive answers to simple questions.

Buying from a dealership can be overwhelming, between dealing with so many people, salespeople who can’t answer your questions and the hidden fees dealerships are notorious for.

Choosing a private seller is a fairly straightforward process, you find out about the vehicle, set a time to meet and view the vehicle, and you’re dealing with the same person for the entire process and when you agree to a price- that’s the price you’ll get.

At VIDrives, your financial specialist will work with you to find the right vehicle, get you approved, help you select payments, and finalize your deal. We take great care to ensure the whole process is easy and transparent, without hidden fees or misinformation.

8. Buy from home

Private sellers and dealerships require you to come to them, this can be an obstacle if you don’t have reliable transportation or live far away. It can be difficult to coordinate between your schedule, the seller’s schedule, public transit schedules, and friends and family who help you get around. Private sellers may not have their vehicle’s insured, so you may need to find a ride to their home, to get insurance, to the bank and back all over again. Dealerships in your area may not have what you’re looking for and may require multiple visits before you can take your new vehicle home.

That’s why VIDrives offers the option to do the whole deal, right from your home, on your schedule. We’ll find your vehicle, offer a virtual test drive, find you payment options, and communicate with you securely online or on the phone. Once you choose the vehicle, and payment that works for you we’ll deliver it for free right to your door, anywhere on Vancouver Island. If you’re trading in, we’ll pick up your trade at the same time.

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